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Blood Red Road #1 By Moira Young | Book Review

Hello! Here is My First Book Review!

Name Of Book: Blood Red Road 
Author: Moira Young
ISBN: 1442429984
Published: 7th Of June 2011
Published By: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Gene:Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Romance 
Series: Dust Lands Trilogy
Blood Red Road #1
Rebel Heart #2
Raging Star #3
Cybils Award for Fantasy & Science Fiction (Young Adult)
Costa book award for children's book
Sunburst Award Nominee for young adult
Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award (ALAN/NCTE)
Milwaukee country teen book award Nominee 
Teen Buckeye book award Nominee
My Review:
Blood Red Road is a Adventure, Mystery & Romantic filled book which is filled with unexpected twists and turns which make this book a page turner. 

Blood Red Road is about a "Outsider Family" (Quiet Literally!) which live in the middle of nowhere where nothing ever happens....UNTIL....Saba (The Main Charter who has a peculiar dialectical voice) Brother, Lugh gets kidnapped by some well dressed horseman. Saba Takes it on herself to go and find Lugh.
                                  ....Which May Not Be As Easy As It Seems...

The Hunter Tribe
Saba,The Main Charter/ Voice is a brilliant kick ass female charter which you hardly find in Books! So it was refreshing to have a powerful Charter. But saying that she can be REALLY REALLY REALLY ANNOYING!!!! I do understand she is trying to find her brother but she doesn't have to be a whiny B**h all the Time!

The Free Hawks, Is a group of kick-Ass women of which help save Saba and give her equipment and tools to help her find her brother. The free hawks want a revolution! The free Hawks are not scared of a fight which makes the book more interesting!

Ending our hunters is Emmi, Saba younger sister. The poor girl is blamed for everything! It's cute and sometimes difficult to see as their relationship grows between Emmi & Sabu. At the start Sabu asked if it was Emmi which was taken would she go after her, the answer is no but by the end she does go after Emmi! It is clear to see that the relationship has blossomed between them. 

The Kidnapped
Lugh, The older brother of Emmi & Saba is very much loved by the girls and pretty much everyone! You don't really get to know Lugh until the end but we mostly learn about him from word of mouth and Flashbacks. This shows a unique and cute bound between Saba and Laugh which makes us feel more emotional as the search for her brother goes on.

Then The Lover
Daredevil & Flirtatious Jack which makes Saba hot (Literally!). Jack doesn't take any attitude from Saba! and although she pushes him away he always comes back! Jack's Charter is more Mysterious and we don't really know a awful lot about him. Although we do learn a few things along the way.

Things I Love:
*You Can imagine all the scene's & really see them and live them!
*Kick-Ass Main Charter.
*Gripping story line!
*Kick-Ass Fighting scene's!
*Cage Fighting!
& Giant Killer Worms!
If Giant Killer Worms doesn't make you want to read this book, I honestly don't know what will!

Although, Their are Downsides:
*The relationship between Saba & Lugh felt alittle uncomfortable at time!
*Transitions between scene's can be alittle confusing!
*The writing style can be Annoying & Hard to get use to!

Overall, I enjoyed this book & Can't wait for the second one!

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